Corporate Headshots

I typically shoot outdoors.  Natural light makes for the best headshots. Plus, being outside is fun and freeing!  I don’t like being in a stuffy studio and I do not expect you to either.  I am playful, silly, and down to earth.  A headshot session should be fun-even for lawyers, realtors, and doulas!  I encourage people I am working with to stay loose and just have a good time. Of course if it is freezing outside- We will be indoors.  But STILL using natural light!  If you are interested in me traveling to your office space- Let me me know.  That is most certainly a possibility.


Mary- Urban Planner


Devin- Instructional Designer


Before the Shoot:

Headshots should represent you (on your best day), so get a lot of rest and stay hydrated at least a week prior to your shoot.

What to expect:

If the weather permits, will pop in my car and drive to some fabulous places that I like to shoot which best represents the “vibe” you are going for.  I will photograph you in an area as long as it is working and then we will move on.  We will not remain in the same exact spot, because I love variety!  And admit it, so do you.  Feel free to bring a friend- Whatever makes you most comfortable and feel most like YOU.


Wayne- Attorney


What to wear:

Solid and bright colors photograph best except for all white or all black.  Avoid logos, pinstripes, and crazy designs.  Unless you are a fashion designer, simple is usually better- we want folks to look at YOU and not what you are wearing. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, fits well, and matches your personality and your job.

Bring a variety of styles and colors.  The more you have- the better.  We will not use everything, not even close.  But it is ALWAYS better to have more choices.  Don’t worry about your shoes or even your lower half.  We won’t be shooting much below the waist unless you specifically need full body shots.

IMG_0942 - Version 2

Laura- Wedding Planner

If you wear glasses-bring them.  If they are non-reflective- AWESOME!


You should look like yourself in your photos.  You should do your hair and make up the way you usually do your hair and make-up. Bring your make up along, just in case. Also bring lip gloss or chapstick!  (You too boys!)

NOTE: Do NOT get your hair cut the day before a shoot!!  Unexpected things could happen. DO bring hairspray to the shoot.  Wind also happens.


Al- HVAC Business Owner


After the shoot:

You will receive your full disc of images in 7-10 business days to use as your fabulous new Linked-In photo, business card, website, etc.






You will LOVE your photos.

If you do NOT love them, we will reshoot.


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