Deja vu anyone? Deja vu anyone?

In 2008, Emir and I got married in October (Woo!) and moved across the country via Route 66 to sunny California.  On our trip we stopped at some of the Route 66 hot spots just like millions of travelers have done before.  It was amazing!  It was so cool to see “The Mother Road”.  In 2013, we took the same trip on our path back to CHICAGO!  Check out the images below from BOTH of our journeys!  Some of them are side by side comparisons when we visited the same spots. 

Our storage units: I am so cool.

Thanks, McFamily!

Thanks McFamily!

Sedona!!!! Weeee. We hiked that rock behind us.  It is called “Cathedral Rock”.

2013 trip included a few extra peeps! Here is our family in Sedona. Red rocks rock! (See what I did there.)

Thanks to Heather we ate some Lottaburger in New Mexico. #greenchiles

Amarillo, Texas for STEAK. Obviously. We look like BABIES in the 2008 pic. (Frumpy, frumpy, babies.)

Four corners. This place has changed quite a lot over the last five years. We haven’t. We still have a teddy bear present. In 2008 she had her OWN pic.

Smoochies at the Grand Canyon.

My niece.  In Texas. In a field.  Of cow poop.

We made it to Cadillac Ranch in 2013.  Logan and Hudson LOVED this stop.

This is my favorite from 2013.

Emir and Cats. 2008 and 2013. Meeeeooow! (Emir wants everyone to know that he is HUGGING Reebok, not choking him.)

Me and Reebok. Little Kitty is probably barfing in the back right now.

Yes, we did this BOTH times. What makes this extra dorky??? We didn’t remember doing the first time…. Totally not on purpose.

Catoosa, OK! Just us hanging out with some whales. NBD.

We spent a few hours in Arkansas in 2008.

Visiting my Grandpa. I miss this guy.

This was RIGHT after we spent an hour on the phone getting health insurance in 2008. Memories.

I bet you can tell where we are…. Saw my Aunt Linda here!

Finally made it BACK to Chicago. Spent a morning with my nephews.

Check out Cloud Gate aka the BEAN! Hudson can JUMP!

Emir and I in 2008 upon entering California followed by Emir and I in Chicago in 2013.

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